“In All We Are and Do,
Christ is Central at Central!”

Welcome to Central United Methodist Church, located in Asheboro, North Carolina. Our goal at CUMC is to Follow Jesus, Make Disciples and Transform the World! We are a body of believers moving forward along the path that Jesus has shown us, all at different paces, but all keeping Christ the central focus. There's a place for you here at Central!


There's a Place for You at Central...

Birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, sickness, death and all the joys and sorrows in between - these are some of the events that frame our spiritual life as well as life here on this planet. Our congregation is a warm, friendly family that offers support, insight, rejoicing, sympathy, love and, as Jesus demonstrated, a relationship throughout all of these events. Take a moment to browse our website, then stop by for a visit and find out for yourself what makes Central such a special place. We look forward to seeing you and remember, there's a place for you at Central!


Central 101

Pastor Terry teaches a “Central 101” class at different times throughout the year. It is a 4 week class for persons interested in joining the church or finding our more about the church. Please call the church office (629-1425) to find out when the next class is scheduled.

mothers-dayThis Sunday, we celebrate a very important lady: the mom that gave each of us birth. In the Bible, we are told that we are to honor our mothers and fathers - indeed that is one of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses. Because we are a church that seeks to be shaped and molded by God’s Word, that is precisely what we will do this week.

In keeping with our long standing practice at Central, we will be giving special recognition to all the moms in our midst, including any moms to be, as well as those moms who have earned the right to be called "Grand" and "Great" several times over.

But as we ponder our moms, and what they mean to each of us, I want to remind you of the most famous mother of the 20th Century. There was much about this woman that was intriguing, not the least of which is, she never had a child of her own. But this mother is one the world will not soon forget.

What distinguished Mother Teresa and set her apart, was something that we have been talking about of late. She reached out in love to others because she had received the love of God in her life. To paraphrase, I John 4:19, "She could love, because God had first loved her."

And the same is true for the mom you will celebrate this Sunday. What made her love special was the fact that it was a reflection of the love of God.

I hope you can join us for worship on Sunday as we allow ourselves to be shaped and molded afresh by God’s Word, and as we ponder anew the love of God that was mirrored in your mom and mine.


~ Pastor Terry