“In All We Are and Do,
Christ is Central at Central!”

Welcome to Central United Methodist Church, located in Asheboro, North Carolina. Our goal at CUMC is to Follow Jesus, Make Disciples and Transform the World! We are a body of believers moving forward along the path that Jesus has shown us, all at different paces, but all keeping Christ the central focus. There's a place for you here at Central!


There's a Place for You at Central...

Birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, sickness, death and all the joys and sorrows in between - these are some of the events that frame our spiritual life as well as life here on this planet. Our congregation is a warm, friendly family that offers support, insight, rejoicing, sympathy, love and, as Jesus demonstrated, a relationship throughout all of these events. Take a moment to browse our website, then stop by for a visit and find out for yourself what makes Central such a special place. We look forward to seeing you and remember, there's a place for you at Central!


Central 101

Pastor Terry teaches a “Central 101” class at different times throughout the year. It is a 4 week class for persons interested in joining the church or finding our more about the church. Please call the church office (629-1425) to find out when the next class is scheduled.

First flightHere in the United States, we practice something called separation of church and state. But did you know that there is a witness to the power of the Resurrection on every license plate that the State of North Carolina produces? Just look at the top of your plate. It says: "First In Flight."

"First in Flight" is a reference to Orville and Wilbur Wright. In 1903, just as they were launching their first plane into the air at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, an astronomer by the name of Simon Newcomb finished an article proving the impossibility of flight. Here is part of what that article said: "There is no possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery and known forms of force that can be united in a practical machine by which men shall fly long distances through the air. It is impossible."

Fortunately, the word "can’t" wasn’t in the vocabulary of Orville and Wilbur Wright. You see, their dad, Milton, was a United Brethren preacher (one of the denominations that became part of the United Methodist Church) and he went on to found United Theological Seminary, a United Methodist school in Dayton, Ohio.

When Milton Wright’s sons grew up, they went into the bicycle repair business. But Milton Wright dreamed of something more for his two sons, and he encouraged their interest in flight. And to inspire Orville and Wilbur to follow their "impossible dream" of flight, Bishop Wright kept telling them about Easter and an empty tomb. He kept reminding them that they served a God who could make the dead come alive again, that he could make the impossible possible! He said, "I’ll just tell them about the empty tomb and stand back and watch them fly."

Because Wilbur and Orville Wright believed that their God could make the impossible possible, because Wilbur and Orville believed in the power of an empty tomb and a resurrected Lord, they traveled to Kitty Hawk, N.C. and they changed our world (and our license plates) forever.

The story of Orville and Wilbur Wright is a reminder that Easter is more than a holiday; it is a powerful witness that with God nothing is impossible, not even flight. And if you are feeling weighed down by the burdens and cares of life, and if you think there is no solution to your problems, think again. Whatever is tying you down; you can lay it aside and fly. All you have to do is spread your wings and let God be the wind beneath them. The God who raised his Son from the dead can raise you up, up and away; He really can.

And if you don’t believe me, just look at your license plate. When people believe in the Resurrection, the impossible often become possible.


~ Pastor Terry